Avenue Industries Australia

Avenue Industries have operated in the Concrete Waterproofing Industry for over 20 years.

We have successfully completed projects throughout VIC, NSW, SA & QLD. During this time we have applied and developed many different methods of concrete waterproofing and restoration repairs.

Avenue Industries have proven application experience with a wide range of waterproofing and sealing products.

We are based in Cairns and provide specialised services throughout all regions of Australia.
A variety of completed projects include the repairs and waterproofing to: -

• Grain and Stock Feed Silos
• Dry Docks
• Wharfs
• Water Storage Tanks
• Elevator Pits
• Underground Storage
• Water Treatment Plants
• Troughs and Stock Tanks
• Sluices and Guttering

• Bridges and Beams
• Regulators and Weirs
• Water Channels and Aprons
• Swimming Pools
• Flooring Systems
• Coal and Mineral Storage
• Carparks
• Chemical Bunds
• Roofs and Decking

• Rising Damp
• Hydro Static Pressure
• Retaining Walls
• Tunnels and Manholes
• Produce Mill Storage
• Sewerage Treatment Plants
• Pump Stations
• Bathrooms and Balconies
• Planter Boxes

Avenue Industries are very competitive in price and carry both long term Application & Manufacturers Warranty on all services and applications. We are very proud to assure the quality of our work and maintain a code of excellence in the Work Place Health & Safety standards.

Should you require any assistance with Concrete Waterproofing, Protective Coatings, Concrete Repairs and Restorations, contact us for an obligation free quote.

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